About Us

Taxwise Africa is an independent tax & legal advisory firm established in 2012
with the objective of providing high end advisory services to our clients.

Business model
Taxwise Africa moves away from the restrictive environments of accounting/audit/legal
firms to provide client-focused tax & legal consultancy services in an environment
conducive for innovation of bespoke solutions for our clients. It’s therefore not an
accounting/legal/audit firm. We are purely a tax &legal advisory consulting firm.
Our service model differs in that we do not seek to service a large portfolio of clients,
but a sizeable one whom we can give round the clock attention. We seek to stay very
close to our clients in order to understand their businesses in greater detail and keep
abreast of developments to ensure past, present and future tax risks and opportunities
are identified early enough and dealt with pro-actively.

Clients focus
We ensure that by the nature of our clients’ business that we take a proactive approach
to tax risk management and tax opportunities identification in order to mitigate risks
effectively and take advantage of all the tax savings available to our clients’ on each
business transaction they undertake. This ensures optimization of our clients’ tax
efficiency and compliance. The Taxwise Africa team brings
together extensive knowledge and experience that will help clients to plan

Creating value
Taxwise Africa strives to create value to our clients by reviewing their business
model and strategy vis-à- vis the tax risks and opportunities and offering pro-active
targeted tax solutions to counter tax risks and take full advantage of the tax
savings available.
These reviews will be structured to ensure maximum value to our clients and
reduce significantly the risk of tax adjustments and cost of compliance in the
future. We will endeavour to help solve our clients’ tax challenges and take full
advantage of available tax planning and savings opportunities, which will
contribute to boosting their performance and thus maximize value to all